Important Dates

NOTE: You must pick up a Democratic ballot in order to vote for me in the primary!

All voting is 7am—7pm on valid days and locations.

Early voting is available Monday—Friday plus Saturday the 5th and the 12th (no Sunday voting) at the Gwinnett Board of Voter Registration and Elections Office.

Satellite voting is available the week of May 12 (no Sunday voting). The two locations in district are Lucky Shoals Park Gym (right by my house!) and Mountain Park Activity Building.

Find your polling location

You can find your polling location at My Voter Page. I would like to get this information automatically added to your profile, so please donate so that I can make that happen!

You can check your registration at the Secretary of State's website.

Absentee ballot request form (or request online). Be sure to follow instructions to the letter. Ballots have been known to be thrown out because they included a year when month and date were the only things requested.

View a sample ballot or get your own.

Every vote earned is a vote that should be counted.  If you feel that your voting right has been violated or notice any violation, please call Voter Protection: 888-730-5816 or email [email protected]

Get Informed:

First time voters voting guide

Atlanta Press Club Debate videos

League of Women Voters guide

District-wide Races:

For County Commissioner District 2

For Governor

For Lieutenant Governor

For Secretary of State

For Attorney General

For Commissioner of Agriculture

For Commissioner of Insurance

For State School Superintendent

For Commissioner of Labor

For Public Service Commission, District 3 - Metro-Atlanta

For Public Service Commission, District 5 - Western

US House Representative Races:

For United States Representative, District 4

For United States Representative, District 7

GA Senate Representative Races:

For State Senator, District 5

For State Senator, District 9

For State Senator, District 40

For State Senator, District 41

For State Senator, District 48

For State Senator, District 55

GA House Representative Races:

For State Representative, District 81

For State Representative, District 94

For State Representative, District 95

For State Representative, District 96

For State Representative, District 99

For State Representative, District 100

For State Representative, District 106

For State Representative, District 107

For State Representative, District 108

Gwinnett Specific Races:

For Solicitor General of Gwinnett County

For County Board of Education, District 4


For Judge of Superior Court, Gwinnett, T. Davis

+ Candidates I endorse.

- Candidates I cannot endorse.

On May 22, exercise your power for change. Make an impact.